Thanks for visiting my website which shall give you a quick overview of myself, my work and some current projects. For more information or questions just send us a message via the contact form or an email we love to get back to you as soon as possible.

I always feel very honored about every invitation to judge at your competitions and I try to say yes to as many of them as possible. But as a professional judge I follow some principles:

  1. I am not working exclusively for just one organization or Company! But loyalty comes first and conflicts of interest should be avoided.
  2. Bookings for competitions in USA & Canada need to be done via agency. For bookings in Europe. Australia, Asia and Africa you can contact me directly.
  3. There are no free dates till October 2023
  4. Bookings should be made early to make give me the chance to plan my schedule as optimized as possible because I have to coordinate judging with stage, TV & Film productions.
  5. Your competition is taking good care of the dancers, is organized the best way possible, free of discrimination against gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation and has fair and clear rules and regulations. The judges are free in there decisions within those rules!
  6. All bookings for hotels and travels will be done and paid by the organizer.
  7. I will keep the right to refuse traveling to countries which are in conflict with LGBTQ Rights and other human rights.
  8. Judging fees are negotiable.                   

If you agree with those points  as well,  I am happy to work with you.

  • It is my policy to treat all participants equally and fairly regardless of their age, race or ethnicity, culture, religion or believes socio-economics status, gender,  sexual orientation, physical ability or disability or learning ability.
  • I will appreciate the diversity of each individual and ensure that all involved in my dance sessions are able to participate to their full potential and without a disadvantage.
  • I am committed to creating safe and inclusive working environment that is free from any discrimination and in which all participants feel respected and valued.
  • I will ensure that no participants experiences any harassment or bullying during the dance session up which I’m in charge.
  • I will take positive action to counteract and report any discrimination or harassment that occurs during my session.
  • I will regulary review my practice to ensure that the above aims  are consistently met

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