Work & Background

My work and my interests have always been very diverse and varied.
I started dancing when I was a little child at the age of 2 1/2. After many years as a successful competition dancer in Performing Art Dance Styles, as well as Commercial and Street Styles and Ballroom Dancing I began studying Classical Ballett and Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany and with Tatjana Gsovski in Berlin followed by a dance teacher education for Ballroom, Latin and Social Dancing. My education continued in New York City at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center, the Harlem Dance Institute and The University of New York in Musical, Dance History, Dance Notation, JazzDance and Modern Dance. A strong connection to the New York City Ballroom/Voguing Community always has a big influence on my commercial and artistic work as well as my background in Ballett and Dance Theater does.

During my time in New York City I also had a chance to become a 2nd Generation Pilates Master Trainer directly educated by Romana Kryzanowska.

My stage career gave me the chance to star in many international productions from Musical Theatre, Dance Theatre, Commercials & Industrials to shows like the Moulin Rouge and Paradis Latin in Paris.

As a choreographer I was lucky to work for Film and TV productions in Europe as well in the USA, for fashion shows in Paris, London and Amsterdam as well as for several Musical Theater Productions, Commercials, Industrials and events like the Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies in Sydney as well as the Gay Games in Sydney and Cologne. Last but not least the background and strong connection to the houses of New York and Atlanta in the Vogue and Ballroom Community gave me the chance to work with many international Drag Queen Artist worldwide as a choreographer and artistic director and consultant.

After ending my active career as a dancer on stage, I still work as a choreographer, artistic director and director, international dance judge, dance consultant and mentor as well as an author, sometimes still as a performer or presenter on stage and on camera.


Since 30 years I get the chance to create with and for amazing dancers, artists, productions and events worldwide.

My training in all major dance styles from classical ballet to modern/contemporary, JazzDance, MusicalTheater, Show and Commercial to Folkloric Dance, Latin and Ballroom as well as a strong connection to the ballroom and Voguing houses and balls of New York and Atlanta give me a big variety of vocabulary to choose from.

My aim in every choreography is to create together with the dancers and to give them the chance to shine and express,  whether in theater, film or tv, dance theater and ballet, commercial productions, revue, cabaret, drag queen performances or in international dance competitions.

My experience as a pedagogue  helps me in my work with professional dancers, singers, actors or amateur dancers and non adult dancers of all levels.

I nearly can not count the competitions I judged for during the last 3 decades, can’t say how many countries I visited, how many routines I evaluated and how many amazing talents I was able to watch.

More important is, that I take judging very seriously because as a Professional judge I have a lot of responsibility for young talents and for the development of the dance art itself.

I don’t judge exclusively just for one organization or company, so I got the chance to judge for many events and organizations like Dancestar ESDU, IDO, TAF Germany, ASDU, DanceMasters, DanceWorldCup Qualifiers, several competition series in the USA, Canada and Asia and smaler local competitions in Germany like the „Duisburger Tanztage“ „Bergischer Löwe“, „Jugend tanzt“ and „Dance your Show“.

I am educated  to judge all styles in the Performing Art Chapter, Conmercial, Urban and Open.

Beeing a choreographer often goes hand in hand with being an artistic director.
As artistic director I create and supervise the creative process of a production, create concepts and take care of the artistic content.

I was lucky getting the chance to work for some of my dream projects in the last 30 years from the Olympic Games, the Gay Games, the Eurovision Song Contest, many international dance festivals and competitions, galas and events, drag shows and some of the biggest clubs and circuit parties world wide.

All this with a personal network of international professional creatives.

I direct musical theater productions and  theater plays as well cabaret and comedy show mainly in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

I can’t tell how many hours of masterclasses, studio classes, teacher trainings and workshops I got the chance  to teach worldwide. In the last years I focus more and more on educational and technical Masterclasses than on choreography workshops. Especially presentation and expression, acting for dancers and body education has become one of my specialty.

The aim of my technique training is to give my students a comprehensive system of physical exercises, anatomical understanding and improvisation  for all dance styles.  My SK method is based on general principles from Laban, Bartenieff and Elementary Dance, the Horton technique and elements from the Cunningham and Limon technique.  The whole concept is complemented by a strong focus on centering and alignment as in the Graham technique and the Pilates method.

My aim as a mentor is not only to teach routines to other dancers but to give young talents a chance and the methods to develop their own personality, artistic expression and how to use their talents and to find their best way into a professional or semi-professional dance career.

I teach in English and/or German.

My first Pilates experience was  in 1987 as a young dancer in the famous studio on 56th Street.

During my later college years in New York City, I struggled with a knee injury.  Learning the Pilates method gave me the chance to recover very quickly and become productive again.

So I decided to learn from it and got trained as a Pilates teacher in the

original classical style and completed an  individual studio training with Romana Kryzanowska in The Gym and Synergy until 1992, before Romana and Sean Gallagher created the license teacher education in 1993.

In addition to Romana Kryzanowska, my teachers included Bob Liekens, Alycea Ungaro, Brooke Siler, Ron Fletcher, Jay Grimes as well as Moira Stott, Alan Herdman, Allan Menezes and Mari Winsor.

Last but not least, I had the chance to take lessons from Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry and Lolita San Miguel.  So I'm a real 2nd generation trainer.

  Since then I have worked with dancers and many other students around the world in master classes and studio classes.  In Germany, Holland and Australia I was able to educate around a hundred third-level trainers. My method was called New Spirit Pilates until 2016 and is now called SK Pilates.

  I am currently teaching Pilates with dancers around the world, as well as in guest hours in Berlin and Cologne, and online via Zoom & Co. More information about my Pilates can be found (currently only in German) at

Since the beginning of the 1990s, I’m practicing also yoga and became a certified yoga teacher in 1996. In the last year’s I focussed more one teaching Pilates but also teach some yoga classes and seminars in the traditional Sivananda and Iyengar as well as meditation and other MinndBody Techniques and I am available for personal holistic lifestyle and health coaching in person or online.

During the last year‘s I had the chance to write for  several dance magazines and blogs.   I am currently working on a book about competition dancing which will be published in autumn 2023 and in Summer 2024 a book about my own personal story and friendship with the New York City and Atlanta Ballroom and Voguing Community, their  so called houses and their impact on lgbtq culture and mainstream pop culture will be published.

Moreover we are currently publishing in my personal blog in German and English, a dance blog also in German and English and my Pilates blog in German language.