Celluloid instead of Cellulitis

Sten Kuth

After numerous trips and productions, I am now spending some time in Berlin and using it to prepare and plan for the next year.

 In addition, I am currently writing a new solo music theater for Tilly Creutzfeld-Jakob, with whom I brought the solo program “Alles muss raus” to the stage in 2019/20.  Unfortunately, due to the Corona situation, the program could not be played as often as it was planned, but Tilly and I noticed that we can work very well together and so I’m really looking forward to the new production and will also take on the direction and choreography  .  We are currently in pre-production; rehearsals will begin at the end of January 2022.

 On the occasion of Tilly’s 50th birthday, we  focus on film and film melodies.  With numerous songs from various film genres in film history, Tilly will not only sing against her weak connective tissue with fun, voice and self-irony, but also dance, if her long-term motor memory allows it.  

 Further information on the show and the performance dates, as well as the premiere on March 18, 2022 in the Incognito Showpalast in Berlin, will be available on Tilly’s website at www.tilly.de in the future. (Currently only in German Language)

 In addition, both Tilly and I will occasionally take you to rehearsals on our Instagram and Facebook channels and let you participate in the creation of the show.

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